The Mother of all Shirts!

Vogue 9029


Hi everyone!  I have just finished making the most difficult shirt I’ve ever attempted and it took all the experience and tips working with silk that I’ve gained from eleven years of sewing!  It wasn’t the pattern that was difficult but the fabric.

Last season I fell in love with a georgette polka dot shirt by Saint Laurent but at £1,020 I needed to make one (it also sold out very quickly).  Problem number one was sourcing fabric, I looked everywhere but there was none available, I eventually gave up and concentrated on Christmas. Continue reading “The Mother of all Shirts!”

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Vogue 8689

I’ve used this pattern a few times, in fact I’m on my second one as the other one was a little worn.  It’s a great basic shirt pattern with a few options and cup sizes.

This is my lovely sister modelling the shirt for me.
I couldn’t pattern match easily as the repeat was too big and would have taken far too much material so I just made sure that the large circles were sort of in the same place.

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