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Simplicity 8055

What do you do the morning after a long haul flight?  Sew of course!  Having spent the last seven weeks in cold, snowy, rainy England, I have returned to Singapore.  Of course the morning I left for the airport the weather was glorious, I almost changed my flight! At least now I’m motivated to make some summer clothes for when I return in June.



I have made this dress (view B) a few times and once for my sister who having had a hysterectomy needed something that was kind to her tummy area.  In Singapore it’s more comfortable to wear something loose with nothing at the waist but as I live in the Orchard Road area I need to be smart too.  

The fabric I used is a beautiful Italian linen from Joel & Son, sadly sold out now.  I thought the paisley design was appropriate as I am going to India in June.  

I love this pattern and it is so simple it can be made in less than two hours if you are experienced.  This dress took a little longer as I was very careful with the cutting out because the pattern is quite large and it needed placing carefully.  I made my usual petite adjustment then lengthened it as I wanted it to come to the middle of my knees.

I cut the pieces on one layer to make sure the print was in the correct place.

I would suggest making a muslin of the sleeves before you make up the fashion fabric as I found them to be too big.  It’s easy to adjust the shoulder seam to fit your shape as the sleeve is in two pieces.  I have broad shoulders but slim upper arms so I pinned the sleeve to my shape being careful to leave some ease.  I made new pattern pieces the first time I made this dress so I wouldn’t have to adjust them again.

My adjusted pattern pieces
I shaped the neck binding with my iron before I pinned it.

I mostly followed the instructions as written but I stitched in the ditch on the front of the binding after basting to make sure it was even and wouldn’t slip during sewing.  I don’t know why instructions leave this step out, I find basting really helps my sewing.   I also machine stitched the hem as this dress will need to be washed often.


I know I will make this pattern again but next time I will try silk for a change as I now have three linen versions.






Happy Sewing



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