Fabric Stores



Silk twill, stretch cotton from Fabric Godmother

I love textiles, it’s the first thing I notice when something catches my eye.  I often buy fabric because I love it and then decide what to do with it.  You do get what you pay for so if you are going to spend a lot of time making something it’s worth paying a little extra for something beautiful.  When I lived in Munich I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on exceptional Italian designer fabrics at a fantastic prices from Oberpollinger and Karstadt being so close to Italy.  I’d have to go often as they were one off bolts straight from the factories never to be repeated.

I’m not so lucky now as I live between Singapore and the UK so have to rely mostly on online shopping.  I have a few favourites but my bookmark list is long.

At the moment my number one has to be Fabric Godmother.  As well as a great choice in everyday fabrics they also have ex designer which they source from Italy, these fabrics need to be purchased quickly as the best ones sell out fast.

Another favourite is Mendell Goldberg, if I ever get to New York it’ll be the first place I’ll go to.  Their fabrics are really expensive so only for a special make.  A lot of the fabrics are production samples which don’t make the collections but the quality is amazing.  The silk satin shown below doesn’t crease I’ve never sewn with anything like that before.


Finally for now (I’ll list the others I use separately) Joel and Son.  They have almost everything you could ever want.  They have a really good selection of solid colour fabrics of different types.  Their linen collection is great (especially good for the Singapore humidity).

Embossed silk satin, silk velvet


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